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The "Fun Art" of Writing
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Doodley Doo / One- Liners

“A line is a dot that went for a walk.”
― Paul Klee
Simply defined,
one-linersare drawings in which the artist's pencil, pen, brushor crayon
touches the paper and isnot lifteduntil the drawing is finished.
In her book,DrawingLab, Carla Sonheim recommends this activity as a way of getting your creativity started.
Even though this book is really directed more towards adult drawing projects, she has several ideas that can be fun for the younger set, one-liners being one of them.

Color My World

Rosanne had given birth to a (how shall I put it?) rather high spirited son, Eddie.
At least one item in our house would get broken, every time, during an “Eddie visit”.
Even though toy guns were not allowed in their house, Eddie would creatively chew cookies, toast and celery stalks into armament shapes.
One day, upon observing a four limbed, floor pounding
outburst at  one of our weekly playgroup get- togethers, Rosanne reflected, “I wish I could do that when I'm not happy about

Playdough Perfection

“What insane person invented glitter play-dough?”
                                   - Me

My older daughter was an angel for Halloween when she was five.

Like most little girls, she couldn't wait to try on the glitter speckled nylon mesh wings as soon as they arrived in the mail.

How cute.

How sweet.

The "Fun Art" of Writing

"Caleb's handwriting still stinks, so I'm writing the Christmas letter again this year."            - Mia, age 7


It's not too late to send out that holiday newsletter!

On the years when I have not been "on my game", I have been known to send out a "Happy New Year" letter which can be mailed out at any point during the month of January.

The Gift of a Beautiful Thought

Ifinstead of a gem, or even a flower, we should cast the giftof a loving thought into the heart of a friend, that would be giving as the angels give.

- Unknown

I am a quote addict. Not only do I collect quotes in a file and own numerous books of quotes, I am compelled to uncover the identities of the people who make statements that are of particular interest.

(This person named, “Unknown”, is a very prolific philosopher, but is completely off the grid.)

Last Christmas, I gave several close friends the book,

It's A Wonderful Life

“Reflect upon your present blessings-- of which every man has many -- not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.”- Charles Dickens


That year, a film came
out that was considered a box office flop due to high production costs and stiff competition at the time of its release.

It was initially a major disappointment and confirmed, at least to the studios, that its famously successful director and producer was no longer capable of turning out the populist features that made his films the must-see, money-making events they once were.

Christmas Countdown

Maybe it was the charming, nostalgic images. Or maybe it was just my natural born curiosity. But as a child, I was completely enchanted by Advent calendars, opening a cut out window each day, revealing some magical little picture.

Plus, as a child, I’m sure you can remember that the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas seemed like an eternity. The Advent calendar was a way of giving a little tyke some perspective of time while awaiting the much anticipated holiday.

Artful Gratitude

“Things are never so bad that they couldn’t be worse.”
- my friend Caroline’s mother

While on the surface, that may seem to be a horribly pessimistic view of life, after first hearing my friend recount that statement from her mother, and then pondering on it, that phrase has actually become one of my favorite “attitude adjustment quotes.”   

No matter how bad things may seem, there is always something to be thankful for.

At about the time when my older daughter was 12, I read the book,

More Gratitude Collages

This first image is a child's gratitude collage. A great thing to have your child create to hang in his or her room.  It could also be trimmed down, preserved under clear contact paper  and used as a placement.


The second gratitude collage is from Joyful Arts Studio.

The third image is a Nature Gratitude Collage from Feather Anchor

Check out their website. It is gorgeous.

Gratitude Collages

I just wanted to share some beautiful artwork I found when searching Google images for Gratitude collages.  Going from top to bottom, the first collage is titled, Leaping Gratitude from The Artful Umbrella. 
The second collage, Practice Gratitude Everyday is from Nancy Lefko.

The third image is an alterered book from Kareniko.
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