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Make Your Own Happy
Botanical Printing - Part 2 - Capturing the Autumn Colors
Botanical Printing - Part 1 - Before the Leaves Are Gone
The Great Gołąbki Gastronomical Challenge


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“Loren, your art is beautiful. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you can’t be an artist.”

- Loren Long's mother

Loren had an eye exam after having trouble seeing the chalkboard at school.

It was then, at age 14, that he was diagnosed as being color blind.

The optometrist said to Loren's mom that it was no big deal unless he wanted to be an electrician or a dermatologist or an artist.

The problem was...Loren's dream WAS to be an artist.

Loren did not give up on his dream because of his mother's encouraging and immediate response.

Make Your Own Happy

Give yourself a little visual sunshine today by checking out Joanne Sharpe's Whimsical Wednesdays.

Joanne is an artist who lives in Western New York.......a land known for its lack of sunshine and lake effect snow.

She counteracts the location's dreariness by donning color splashed leggings and house shoes while creating upbeat treats for the eyes, spouting the mantra of "Make your own happy".

Botanical Printing - Part 2 - Capturing the Autumn Colors

"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower."
            - Albert Camus

Once you've learned the simple technique of botanical printing, you can move on to some experimentation.

Look to the post,Botanical Printing  - Part 1, in the category, 
Mini Masterpieces, for the detailed directions of botanical printing.

To celebrate Autumn, squeeze out a bit of acrylic paint in the season's colors onto a coated paper plate.

Botanical Printing - Part 1 - Before the Leaves Are Gone

"Nobody sees a flower - really - it is so small it takes time - we haven't time - and to see takes time, like to have a friend takes time." - Georgia O'Keeffe

In all my experiences of teaching arts enrichment classes, this art project has to be one of my all time, absolute favorites.

Look closely at all the varied leaf shapes in your yard or in a local park. You will see a cornucopia of inspiration for botanical printing.

Botanical printing  is so simple that it can be done with children as young as 

The Great Gołąbki Gastronomical Challenge

We recently had the pleasure of dinner hosting Father Maciej, a visiting priest to our parish in New York for the month of July. Fr. Maciej is from the Polish city area where my husband and I taught English as a Second Language many, many years ago.

Fr. Maciej, while originally from Poland, is currently studying and serving the church in Spain, far from his homeland and his favorite Polish food, gołąbki. (pronounced: go- wump - key) In my usual unthinking exuberance, I offered to cook the dish for Father, even though I had never made gołąbki before.

On Hiatus

The Fun Art Professor has been on an extended hiatus from blogging, but has been continuing to gather information and inspiration to share.

Will be back soon!

A Leaf Can Be

All of the month of May and the beginning of June kept me busy with preparations for attending my first book conference.

The 21st Century Children Nonfiction Book Conference was an amazing experience. I was able to attend workshops, panel discussions and social networking events with numerous engaging authors and publishers. 

I highly recommend the book written by one of the conference presenters, Laurie Salas Purdie, for your little ones. 

Her book,  A Leaf Can Be, is incredibly enchanting and a great inspiration piece to use with the fun art projects I wrote about in my last two Spring posts,

Adventures in Color - Spring Trees Part 2

“The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love color the most. ”  - John Ruskin


A character on a short lived television comedy titled,Welcome to New York,remarked on that city's clothing style saying,“We wear black. And that's only until they invent something darker”. 

I lived near Miami for 3 years. When we first moved there from New York, my wardrobe truly did consist of mostly black, brown and tan. (and that was my summer wardrobe) 

Spring, Where Are You?

Spring came slowly to the Northeast in 2013.
Wanted posters starting circulating on Facebook for Punxsutawney Phil – the crime – FRAUD.
Mother Nature's April Fool's joke was a night time low of 32 degrees with a wind chill in the teens.
Bare black branches of the trees still stood out against white skies that promised some form of precipitation.
Two days before Easter Sunday, I excitedly exclaimed that I saw little green leaves beginning to sprout on a bush next to the front of our house.

Found Objects

One man's trash is another man's treasure.
I believe this old adage best explains the artistic moniker, "found object".
The term,found object, actually comes from the Frenchobjet trouvé, meaning art created from objects that are not normally considered art, often because they already have a non-art function.
When I look at this sculpture, which I found on the blog site, The Crafty Crow  -  
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